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Reference No.: IRDAI/ BRK/ MISC/ CIR/260/ 11/ 2017
Date: 04/12/2017
Grant of approval for online training

Under the powers vested with the Authority under Regulation 8 and Regulation 18 of the IRDA (Insurance Broker) Regulations, 2013 it is hereby informed to all concerned that the Authority has granted approval to:
1) National Insurance Academy (NIA), Pune to undertake online training for becoming broker trained person and renewal training for broker qualified persons.
2) Insurance Broker Association of India (IBAI) to undertake renewal training for broker qualified persons.
The approval is subject to the following:
a. The training shall be conducted in online mode.
b. The training charges should be fair to both the parties.
c. The organization shall under no circumstances force, induce or use any means directly or indirectly to make candidates appear in its training course.
The approval is granted on 22nd November, 2017.
(P.J. Joseph)
Member (Non Life)
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