Functions and Responsibilities of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Department


Functions and responsibilities of IT Department

Information Technology Department has been providing day-to-day assistance in planning, organizing, and implementing IT Projects designed to support IRDA in all aspects of information technology.

The department has currently THREE divisions. The broad functions of these divisions are as follows:

What’s New


IRDAI has been maintaining its website ( The site is updated regularly and all the information released by IRDAI is also simultaneously made available on the website.

The information published in public domain includes the following:

  1. Information about IRDAI (About us ) , Insurers and their products
  2. Acts, Rules, Regulations, Guidelines, Notifications, Circulars, etc.
  3. Information about Insurance Advisory Committee, IIB, Surveyor Institute IIISLA , Ombudsman and Insurance Councils.
  4. Appointed Actuaries and Panel of Actuaries
  5. Lists / Information of various Intermediaries i.e. Corporate agents, Surveyors, Brokers, Insurance Marketing Firms, Insurance Repositories , Insurance SelfNetwork Platform , POS, Surveyors, Web aggregators and TPA Health Services
  6. Orders passed by IRDAI
  7. Warnings and Penalties
  8. Reports of Committees
  9. Press Releases and Public Notices
  10. Annual reports of the Authority and Handbook on Indian Insurance
  11. Minutes of Board Meetings
  12. IRDA Journals and supplements

The contact details of registered entities are updated as and when there are changes in the information

In addition to the main website , IRDAI has following websites

  1. Consumer Education Website :
  2. Integrated Grievance Management System : Bima Bharosa
  3. Face book IRDAI Connects :
  4. Youtube channel of IRDAI :

The information is available at the following link.

The information is available at the following links.
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How To Make a Claim - Health :
How To Make a Claim - Motor :
How To Make a Claim - Property :
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