All applications made under IRDAI (Registration of Corporate Agents) Regulations, 2015 should be submitted directly (not through insurers) to the Authority through the online mode. 

The Online Portal for Corporate Agents can be accessed at  Help File for portal users is also available at this link.

As per the New Regulations, a Corporate Agent exclusively doing insurance intermediation should have a minimum share capital or contribution of Rupees Fifty Lakh and it should maintain a net worth of Rupees Fifty Lakh at all times.

Yes. Every corporate agent shall file, at the time of seeking registration with the Authority, a Board or its equivalent Approved Policy on the manner of soliciting and servicing insurance products. It is required in all cases irrespective of the applicant planning to have only a single tie-up or multiple tie-ups. 

The Policy, amongst others, shall include the approach to be followed by the corporate agent in having single or multiple tie-ups, the partners in the tie-ups, the business mix, the type of products sold, grievance redressal mechanism and reporting requirements.

The Board or equivalent approved policy shall contain the approach to be followed by the corporate agent in having Single or Multiple tie-ups, the proposed partners in the tie-ups, the business mix, the type of products sold, grievance redressal mechanism and the reporting requirements.

However, the board approved policy can be exhaustive and contain all other matter which they deem fit and necessary for registration and functioning of corporate agency

As per Clause A. (e) of Annexure 2, details of infrastructure, along with supporting evidence thereof like ownership / lease agreement papers with regard to office space / equipment / trained manpower, etc. for the registered office and the branch offices at various locations are to be submitted.


Listed Companies, Banks and NBFCs are exempted from submitting the supporting evidence as mentioned above. Such applicants only need to furnish a generic undertaking signed by authorized signatories providing such information.

These requirements are to be complied with those CA's who have been incorporated exclusively for the purpose of insurance intermediation. In respect of other corporate agents and banks, the annual report/s with detailed information on expenses, profit and loss and balance sheet are to be submitted.

 NO. In case an applicant wishes to work in more than one line or all three lines of business, they may apply for Composite CoR.  However, the application should clearly mention whether it is for Life / General / Health or for Composite.

The Insurance Institute of India will conduct the training and examination will be conducted by NSE IT as per the existing practice. In case of any change in this arrangement, the same will be notified by the authority from time to time in the portal.

Every SP desiring to transfer his / her certificate to any other corporate agent shall do so only after obtaining No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the transferor corporate agent as per the procedure prescribed in the Regulation 7. In case the transferor corporate agent fails to issue NOC within 30 days of the date of application, it will be deemed that the NOC is issued and they do not have any objection for the proposed transfer.

NO. As per Regulation 27, the Authority has the power to inspect the records of a Corporate Agent and performance of its activities anytime and in case of any deficiency observed, the Authority may take appropriate disciplinary action. The procedure applicable for the Inspection and the Audit of a Corporate Agent are mentioned in Schedule IV of these Regulations.

A Corporate Agent registered as Corporate Agent (Life) may have tie up with three life insurers.  On the same lines, a Corporate Agent (General) and Corporate Agent (Health) may have arrangements with a maximum of three insurers in their respective lines of business.  A Corporate Agent (Composite) may have tie-up with three insurers in each of Life, General and Health.

As per Reg. 23 (a) Corporate Agents registered under these regulations shall have to enter into arrangements with insurers for distribution of their products. These arrangements shall have to be disclosed to the Authority within 30 days of entering into such arrangements. The minimum period of such arrangement shall be for one year.

In accordance with Regulation 30, every corporate agent shall maintain following registers.

Register of Client Details:

Name of the Client; Contact Address; Mobile Number; Policy Type; Policy Number; Premium Amount; Date of Commencement; Plan and Term; Sum Assured; Renewal details

Register of Complaints:

Name of the Complainant; Nature of Complaint; Date of Complaint; Policy Number; SP details; Action taken details.

Register of Specified Persons / Authorized Verifiers:

Name; Address; Telephone NO.; Photograph; Date of Commencement of employment; Date of leaving service; Monthly Remuneration

Corporate Agents have to comply with the requirement for maintenance of records under IRDAI (Minimum Information Required for Investigation and Inspection) Regulations 2020 also with regard to maintenance of records.

The list of corporate agents registered with the Authority is available on the Authority’s official website “”.

 All these formats are made available in the Corporate Agency Portal.

The various fees viz. Non Refundable Fee, Registration Fee, Specified Person / Authorized Verifier Fee and other fees can be remitted through Bill Desk.

Corporate Agents are also allowed to make the payment by NEFT as per bank details given below;

Bank A/c NO. : 860120110000681


IFSC Code             : BKID0008601

Name of the Bank & Branch : Bank of India, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad

Non-Refundable Application Fee                                                – 10,000 Registration Fee for issue of Certificate of Registration (COR) – 25,000 Renewal Fee for Renewal of COR                                                                                            – 25,000 Fee for issue of Certificates for Principal Officer / Specified

Person / Authorized Verifier          – 500 each.

Fees paid through Bill Desk will be automatically updated in the corporate agents account. If the payments are done through NEFT, the corporate agents have to submit the details along with the UTR Number in the portal (under “Web Wallet Receipt Entry / Offline Payment”) which will be approved by Authority and credited to the web wallet account of the corporate agents.