Functions and responsibilities of Health department


Deals with the product clearance of 

  1. Health Insurance products
  2. Personal Accident Insurance Products
  3. Travel Insurance products
  4. Health plus Life Combi products 
  5. Non-Life Package products where Health is one of the components.
  1. Reviews Advertisements filed by insurers, relating to Health Insurance business.
Registration of Standalone Health Insurers: 
  1. Process the applications for Registration of Standalone Health Insurance Companies.
Other matters relating to insurers:
  1. Offsite monitoring of insurers on the Health insurance business.
  2. Disposal of applications received for appointment and remuneration of CEOs/Whole Time Directors of       Standalone Health Insurance Companies.
  3. Approval for places of business for Standalone Health Insurance Companies.
  4. Review and analysis of the Health insurance data.
Third Party Administrators (TPAs):
  1. Registration and Renewal of Registration of Third Party Administrators (TPAs)
  2. Review of returns/offsite monitoring of TPAs.
Other functions:
  1. Preparation of Regulations, Guidelines, circulars relating to Health Insurance business. Undertaking review     and amendments, if needed.
  2. Handling litigations, court cases etc.
  3. Coordinating with IIB.
  4. All matters relating to Health Insurance forum.
  5. Attending to the Parliament Questions.
  6. Disposal of RTI applications.