Agency Distribution


Functions and responsibilities of Agency Distribution department 

The following are the functions and responsibilities of Agency distribution department:

  1. Piloting Regulatory changes for individual and corporate Agents.
  2. Preparation of discussion papers relating to development of individual agents.
  3. Providing inputs to Inspection Department.
  4. Receiving and processing of complaints and grievances
  5. Processing reporting format changes
  6. Handling RTI and Parliamentary Questions
  7. Providing statistical information for annual reports and other hand books and monthly periodicals
  8. Processing of new and renewal applications of Corporate Agents.
  9. Verification of financials and annual returns of the Corporate Agents
  10. Cancellation/surrender of corporate agency licenses
  11. Preparation of discussion papers relating to development of corporate agency and bancassurance channels
  12. Facilitating information flow to other departments
  13. Inspection reports analysis and further processing
  14. Issues referred by other departments, ministry and other regulators.
  15. Updating of Corporate Agency Portal.
  16. Liaison with the vendor for enhancements to the Agency Portal