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Title: Warning
Reference No.: 76 /CA/INSP/NL/ Jan -2011
Date: 13/03/2013
Complaint No.41 /NIC/COMP/10-11 pertaining to M/s. National Insurance Comp
Shri .N.S.R. Chandraprasad
Chairman Cum Managing Director,
National Insurance Company Ltd.,
3,Middleton Street, P.B.No.9229,
Dear Sir,
Re:   General Inspection of complaint pertaining to M/s. National Insurance Company Limited –Jan 2011; Complainant: Ms. Reena Pandhi – Complaint No. 41 /NIC / COMP/10-11 –Extensions of Benefits and Renewal of hospitalization Policy under Policy No. 163700/48/08/8500001727– Violation of Regulations 10 & regulation 5 of IRDA PPHI Regulations 2002.
We draw your attention to your letter 16.05.2012 in regard to delay in responding to insured and delay in resolution of complaint. The competent authority has taken serious note of your company’s violation of Regulation 10 and Regulation 5 of IRDA PPHI Regulations 2002.
While no further charges are pressed for the moment, you are specifically advised to scrupulously adhere to IRDA PPI Regulations 2002 in all matters regarding policy servicing.  
The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged.
Yours faithfully,
Yegna Priya Bharat

Joint Director

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