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Title: All Life Insurers
Reference No.: IRDA/LIFE/CIR/MISC/228/11/2016
Date: 16/11/2016
Submission of Life Insurance Data to IIB, Nov 2016
All Life Insurers,                                                                              
                                                                                                                             16th November, 2016
            Sub: Submission of Life Insurance Data to IIB.
A reference is drawn to the circular ref: IRDA/SDD/MISC/228/11/2014, dt.19/11/2014 on the above subject which mandated submission of data to IIB at half yearly frequency. The same has been reviewed based on representation received with regard to difficulties experienced in submission of data every six months.
Therefore, in partial modification to the circular, all the life insurers are hereby directed to submit data to IIB only on yearly basis and not on half yearly basis as stated in the above mentioned circular.
            Member (Life)
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