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Title: Circular
Reference No.: IRDAI/Life/CIR/Misc/114/05/2020
Date: 09/05/2020
Extension of grace period up to 31st May 2020


Sub: Grace Period up to 31stMay 2020

Thisis further to the Authority’s Circulars Ref:IRDA/Life/Cir/MISC/072/03/2020 dated23rd March 2020 and Ref: IRDAI/Life/Cir/MISC/078/04/2020 dated 4thApril 2020.

On areview of the recent situation of lockdown resulting from Global Pandemic ofCovid19 across the country and representations received, it has been decidedthat, for all life insurance policies where the premium falls due in the monthof March 2020, the Grace period shall be allowed till 31st May 2020.



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