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Title: Exposure Draft
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Date: 17/05/2019
Exposure Draft on IRDAI (Min. Info. for Inspection/Investigation) Reg.,2019

Exposure Draft on IRDAI (Minimum Information for Inspection or Investigation) Regulations, 2019.


1.    On 11th January, 2018, the Authority had issued an Exposure Draft on the proposed IRDAI (Minimum Information for Inspection or Investigation) Regulations, 2018 and invited comments from the stakeholders.


2.    The comments received from internal and external stakeholders have been considered and necessary changes are affected in the draft regulation.


3.    Thereafter, a Committee has been formed on 05/10/2018 to review the draft regulation and the comments received on the exposure draft. The Committee submitted its suggestions/report on 20/02/2019. The draft regulation is revised based on the suggestions made by the Committee.


4.    The revised draft of proposed Regulations(Annexure-1),and copy of the report of the Committee (Annexure-2) are attached herewith for reference.


5.    All the interested stakeholders are requested to offer their comments/suggestions on the draft regulation by 07th June /2019 in the format provided at Annexure-3. The comments/suggestions may be e-mailed to



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