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Date: 22/02/2019
Minutes of the 56th meeting of the Procurement Committee

Minutes of the 56th meeting of the Procurement Committee held on 22nd February, 2019


(i)   Ms Pournima Gupte, Member-Actuary                    - Chairperson

(ii)  Shri M. Pulla Rao, ED-General                                   - Member

(iii)  Shri P.K. Maiti, GM-Enforcement                              - Member

(iv)  Shri M.S.Jayakumar, CAO                                      - Member Convener

User Department present:

 (v) Shri Vikas Kapoor, Manager, Building

1.    Hiring of Private Security Agency through GeM portal for providing security at IRDAI’s new office premises at Gachibowli

The Building Department submitted the agenda and appraised the Committee as follows:

IRDAI started its operations from the new office premises on 26.12.2017 and the security arrangements are arranged through the security services hired by CPWD. IRDAI has published its bid on GeM portal for hiring 16 nos. of security guards (unarmed) from private security agency registered under PSARA Act, 2015 (adopted by State Governments.).

Bid details


Bid publish date



Bid end/ open date



Bids received

12 nos.


Bidders with PSARA license

8 nos.


Bidders not submitted proofs to satisfy experience criteria

2 nos.


Bid withdrawn

2 bidders


PSARA license from Telangana State

2 bidders


Post Technical evaluations

2 bidders


Post financial evaluation- L1 bidders as per GeM

M/s. Kore Security Services, Delhi

M/s. Columbia Security Services, Hyderabad


Total value for 2 years contract quoted by 2 bidders

Rs. 60,11,202.75 (incl all taxes, duties, local levies, etc.)


Post financial evaluation, as both successful bidders are declared as L1, it was decided to recommend one of the vendor based on the following parameters.

i.              It has been observed that all the client list provided by M/s Columbia Security Services are from Hyderabad/Telangana Region whereas the list provided by M/s Kore Security Services are from New Delhi/Jaipur only.


ii.            In addition to the testimonials submitted by the bidders, the department also enquired with the client of M/s. Columbia Security Services in Hyderabad and received a satisfactory reply.


iii.           The Committee deliberated on the details provided by the department and felt that an agency with client base in Hyderabad could be considered for logistical reasons.


The Procurement Committee considered the Department’s views and above parameters and recommend M/s. Columbia Security Services, Hyderabad at their quoted cost of Rs. 60,11,202.75 (incl all taxes, duties, local levies, etc.) for 2 years, subject to renewal after 1 year of satisfactory performance.

The meeting concluded with vote of thanks to the Chair.



M.S.Jayakumar                               P.K. Maiti                                       M. Pulla Rao

Member-Convener                           Member                                           Member



Ms Pournima Gupte


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