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Reference No.: IRDA/SUR/CIR/MISC/153/09/2018
Date: 15/09/2018
Filing of applications for Renewal of Surveyor License


1.    Instances have come to the notice of the Authority where Surveyors apply for renewal of their license only a few days before the expiry of the same, or after its expiry, thereby causing difficulty in the timely issuance of renewed license and continuity of license.


2.    The Surveyor Regulations prescribe that an application for renewal of Surveyor and Loss Assessor license including online submission of application for renewal shall reach the Authority at least thirty days before the date of expiry of the license. Moreover, applicants are allowed to submit applications for renewal on the BAP portal ( ninety days prior to the date of expiry of their surveyor license.


3.    In view of this, it is hereby brought to the notice of all concerned, that surveyors shall submit application for renewal of surveyor license online well in advance, at least ninety days prior to the date of expiry, on the aforementioned portal.


4.    A list of surveyors whose licenses are due for renewal in the next three months, as per our records is attached herewith as Annexure.  While this list will be updated at regular intervals and published on IRDAI’s website, it may be noted that IRDAI is under no obligation to issue renewal notification and it is the surveyors responsibility to start the process of renewal of their license, well in advance.


5.    Surveyors with valid licenses which were issued offline or which is being erroneously shown in the BAP portal as lapsed, are advised to write to the Surveyors department of the Authority at along with a clear scanned copy of their license, and obtain user ID and password in order to enable them to submit application for renewal online. The procedure to be followed is given below:


a)    For those surveyors whose license is due for renewal in the date range of 15-Sept-2018 to 15-Dec-2018 (both dates included), but their names / license numbers are not present in this list may follow the below mentioned procedure for getting their data registered with BAP.


·         Using Internet explorer only (version 8 and above) open the URL

·         Click on Surveyors TAB.

·         Click on the Register button visible in the page below.


i)             If you are an individual Surveyor:  Select your User Type - Individual and User role - Existing Individual Surveyor with SLA no.

ii)            If you are a Corporate Surveyor:  Select your User Type - Corporate and User role - Existing Corporate Surveyor with SLA no.

·         Provide your SLA number in the complete format g: IRDA/IND/SLA-12345 or IRDA/CORP/SLA-12345

·         Provide the Effective date of license and License expiry date correctly as mentioned in your IRDAI issued license copy. (Be careful with the dates)

·         Complete the registration process by providing further details as asked by BAP and you will be able to create your BAP user ID and first time password will be sent to the e-mail ID provided by you during the registration process. (Kindly check the Spam and Junk folders if the password mail is not present in your mail inbox).


b)    For those surveyors whose license is due for renewal in the date range of 15-September-2018 to 15-December-2018 (both dates included) and who have an existing BAP user ID but their last license renewal was issued offline by IRDAI and license is currently showing as lapsed in BAP need to do the following:

·         Login to the BAP URL

·         Go to Surveyor-Individual or Surveyor- Corporate and then click on Licensing option. 

·         If your current license is still valid but BAP is showing you lapsed license option then you need to drop a mail to the clear scan copy of your existing license so that your license data can be loaded in BAP. Once the data is loaded by the department you will be able to see the license renewal option.

Note: If you have forgotten your BAP User ID or password or both you can retrieve them using the Forgot password/ Unlock User ID option available on BAP login page (

In case you had registered with BAP in past but have forgotten your  BAP User ID, BAP login Password and the your mail ID registered with BAP, kindly send a mail to with a scan copy of your existing license so that you may be provided with your BAP credentials. If your license renewal due date falls in the above mentioned date range and you have successfully applied for renewal already there is no need to follow the above mentioned procedure. Kindly get in touch with with your application SUR number in the mail subject line for status update.



 Suresh Mathur

                                                                                                         Executive Director


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