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Title: To All Life Insurers, General Insurers and Health Insurers
Reference No.: IRDAI/LIFE/CIR/ADVT/ 094 /06/2018
Date: 18/06/2018
Simplification of filing process of Advertisements in BAP Portal & partial

Attention is invited to Regulation 3(v), 4(1) and 4(3) of IRDA (Insurance Advertisements and Disclosure) Regulations, 2000, read with Clause 10 of Master Circular on Advertisements dated 13.08.2015; wherein it is mandated that Insurers have to file a copy of each advertisement with the Authority within seven days from its release and any change in an advertisement would be considered as a new advertisement. This has sometimes resulted into multiple filing of the same advertisement in BAP portal when it is released in different formats like banner, leaflet, poster, standee, flyer, dangler, etc. and also when it is released in different regional languages, even though there is no change in the contents.


  In order to ease out the filing process of such advertisements on BAP, the following instructions are issued:

1.    Insurers shall file only English and/or Hindi base versions of advertisements on BAP.


2.    The advertisements which are issued in other languages and other formats, where there is no change in the content, design, image to that of base versions of English and/or Hindi will bear the same URN of base version. The Authority will not treat them as new advertisements and hence they need not be filed. However, a certificate (format enclosed) needs to be filed to the effect that the advertisements released in other languages are true translation of the base versions of English and/or Hindi and there are no changes in the content, design, image etc., of the base version.

 Further, abridged contents for sub-clauses 14.3 & 15.1 of IRDA Master Circular on Insurance Advertisements, IRDAI/LIFE/CIR/MISC/147/08/2015, dated 13.08.2015, shall be used henceforth.


Sub-clause 14.3

This advertisement is designed for combination of Benefits of two or more individual and separate products named (1) ____ (2) ____ (3) ____ (as applicable) etc. These products are also available for sale individually without the combination offered / suggested. This benefit illustration is the arithmetic combination and chronological listing of combined benefits of individual products. The customer is advised to refer to the detailed sales brochure of respective individual products mentioned herein before concluding the sale.”


Sub-clause 15.1


•IRDAI is not involved in activities like selling insurance policies, announcing bonus or investment of premiums. Public receiving such phone calls are requested to lodge a police complaint.


The above instructions come into force with immediate effect.






(Nilesh Sathe)

                                                                                                                          Member Life


Encl : Annexure 1                                                                                        



  Annexure 1


      Name of the Insurer


                                              Compliance Certificate

(to be filed in BAP with original English / Hindi Advertisement when the same is being released in different Formats and /or Languages)



In compliance with Regulation 3(v), 4(1) and 4(3) of IRDA (Insurance Advertisement and Disclosure) Regulations, 2000 read with Clause10 of Master Circular on Advertisements dated 13.08.2015 amended from time to time and Circular Ref:         IRDAI/LIFE/CIR/ADVT/ 094 /06/2018 dated 18.06.2018.    


This is to certify that the following advertisement/s are exact copies/true translations of the English and /or Hindi base advertisement/s released in the form of ___________________________ (Insurer to state original format of base advertisement)

URN Number of the Base Advertisement ________________

Date of filing of Base advertisement with the Authority ____________ (date/month/year).


There are no changes in the content, design, image, translation etc., of these advertisement/s and no deviations to that of filed version/s of the base advertisement in English and/or Hindi language. 



Format of the Advertisement

Language of the Advertisement

Date of release of the advertisement






















                                                                                                    (Compliance Officer)                 

                                                                                           Seal of the Company    

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