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Title: To All General Insurers, Insurance Intermediaries
Reference No.: IRDA/ INT/ MISP/ CIR/ 0245 /11/ 2017
Date: 01/11/2017
Motor Insurance Service Provider (MISP) Portal

IRDA/ INT/ MISP/ CIR/ 0245 / 11/ 2017                                                  1st November, 2017
All General Insurers,
All Insurance Intermediaries
Re: Motor Insurance Service Provider (MISP) Portal
This has reference to Circular No. IRDA/INT/GDL/MISP/202/08/2017, Dated 31st August, 2017 which lays down the guidelines relating to MISP as an Insurance distribution channel and the role of Automotive Dealers in distributing and servicing of Motor Insurance Policies.
Insurers and Intermediaries have therein been advised to upload requisite details on the database to be created at Insurance Information Bureau of India (IIB), including PAN Number of MISP and Aadhar number of Designated Person/Other Sales Persons to enroll for MISP Database.
The web link for MISP is and the data formats for web upload, user guide and other details are available in a downloadable format from the web link.
Insurers and Insurance Intermediaries may e-mail their request for creation of secure login credentials etc to Shri Srikanth Pokkuluri (Head-IT), 8008947272 and Shri Srinivas Sankar Sethi (Project manager), 9032723168 of IIB.
The Portal shall be available for upload of details from 1st November, 2017
P.J. Joseph
Member (Non-Life)
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