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Title: Exposure Draft
Reference No.: IRDAI/NL/PNTC/MISC/179/08/2017
Date: 03/08/2017
Discussion Paper on ‘Telematics’

Inthe context of Motor Insurance, ‘Telematics” is today a much talked aboutconcept as it enables a more scientific methodology for pricing, apart fromhaving certain advantages for the insured, insurer and the society as a whole.Given the importance the Motor insurance segment has in the scheme of thingsfor non-life industry, it would be worthwhile to have discussion on the subjectamongst all stakeholders. Accordingly, a “Discussion Paper on Telematics” hasbeen issued by the Authority. The Authority welcomes comments of stakeholders onthe paper. The views/ comments may be sent through e-mail to kmahipalreddyat irda dot gov dot inand/ or bms dotPrasad at irda dot gov dotin . Please note that the submission of views/ comments shall reach before 8thSeptember,2017.

Yegnapriya Bharath

मुख्य महाप्रबंधक (गैरजीवन)

ChiefGeneral Manager (NL)


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