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Title: To all General and Health Insurers
Reference No.: IRDA/INT/GDL/PSP/058/03/2017
Date: 16/03/2017
Revision in Guidelines on Point of Sales Person – Non-Life and Health


Reference is drawn to Guidelines on Point of Sales Person – Non-Life and Health dated 26th October, 2015 facilitating insurance companies and insurance intermediaries to appoint point of sales person to solicit and market largely pre-underwritten products.


Attention is drawn to IRDA circular no IRDA/ Life/ ORD/ GLD/ 223/ 2017 dated 7th February, 2017 on the modification to Guidelines on Point of Salesperson – Life Insurance wherein based on the feedback of insurers and taking into account the practical ease for insurer/ intermediaries, the condition of training from and passing of NIELIT examination is being dispensed with. Similar requests have been received from the non-life insurers.


Given that the products allowed under the Non-Life and Health Insurance are largely pre-underwritten based on the information provided by the prospect and the insurance policy is automatically generated by the system it would be in order to bring parity with the approach followed in case of life insurance.


In light of the above the following modifications are undertaken to Guidelines on Pont of Sales Person – Non-Life and Health dated 26th October, 2015:

1.    The General insurer including stand-alone health insurer or insurance intermediary proposing to engage the POS person shall:

a.    Ensure that the applicant is not engaged with any other insurer or insurance intermediary by cross-checking with the database housed in Insurance Information Bureau (IIB), Hyderabad.

b.    Conduct an in-house training of fifteen (15) hours for the candidate

c.    Conduct an examination after successful completion of the training

d.    Issue a certificate to the candidate who has passed the examination in the format attached to the circular.

e.    Engage the successful candidate as POS person by entering into a written agreement, specifying the terms and conditions.

f.     Upload the details in the IIB date-base at the end of the day.

g.    Maintain a proper record of training and examination for atleast five (5) years from the end of financial year in which these are conducted which shall be made available to the inspecting official of the Authority during on-site inspection.


The Model Syllabus for training of “POS Person – General Insurance including stand alone health insurance” is herewith attached in Annexure – I which may include the features of various POS products designed by the Insurer from time to time and may be modified and developed according to the changing need of the insurers and intermediaries.


The circular is effective from 1st April, 2017.


The other terms and conditions of the Guidelines will remain unchanged.





P.J. Joseph

Member (Non-Life)


Annexure – I


Model Syllabus


Module 1 – Introduction to Insurance

1.    Concept of Insurance

2.    Purpose and need of insurance

3.    Concepts of risk, peril and hazard


Module 2 – Indian Insurance Market

1.    IRDAI

2.    Insurers

3.    Insurance Intermediaries

4.    Insurance Agents

5.    Point of Sales Persons


Module 3 – Principles and Practise of Insurance

1.    Offer (Proposal) and Acceptance

2.    Consideration (Premium)

3.    Insurable Interest - Utmost Good Faith – Indemnity - Contribution and Subrogation -Proximate Cause

4.    Proposal Form – Sales Literature – Payment of premium – Section 64VB of Insurance Act -Premium Receipt - Insurance Policy – Endorsements – Warranties – Section 41 of Insurance Act (Rebating)

5.    Intimation of claim – appointment of surveyor – survey report – assessment of loss – settlement of loss – discharge voucher – payment of claim


Module 4 – Point of Sale – General Insurance Products Including Health Insurance

1.    POS – General Insurance including Stand-Alone Health Insurance

2.    POS – Categories of POS Products and Salient Features of POS Products


Module 5 – Miscellaneous

1.    Grievance Redressal Mechanism

2.    Protection of Policyholders Interests Regulations

3.    AML/ KYC norms

4.    Do’s and Don’t’s for POS Persons


On the Insurer/ Insurance Intermediary letterhead









Mr./ Ms ……………………
This is in reference to the application made by you for enrolling yourself to act as Point of Sale Person.
This is to confirm that you have successfully completed the prescribed training and have also passed the examination specified for Point of Sales examination conducted by …………………… (name of insurer/ insurance intermediary) under the Guidelines on Point of Sales Person for Non-life and Health Insurers. Your personal details are as under:
Aadhaar No:
This letter authorizes you to act as Point of Sales Person for …………….. (name of the insurer/ insurance intermediary) to market products categorized and identified under the Guidelines only.
In case you wish to work for another company, you are required to obtain a fresh letter from the new insurer/ insurance intermediary in order to act as Point of Sales Person for that entity.
Yours truly
Authorised Signatory
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