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Title: To CEOs of all Non-Life Insurance companies including stand-alone Health Insurers
Reference No.: IRDAI/HEALTH/GEN/BAPHAELTH/1/2015-16
Date: 15/05/2015
Submission of data in BAP Health Insurance Module -reg.
Ref: Circular no. IRDA/HEALTH/GEN/BAPHEALTH INS/56/2 dated 18th December 2014 & hands-on training on HI Module conducted by the Authority on 16th & 17th January 2015 at Insurance Institute of India Mumbai.
As per the Circular dated 18th Dec 2014, all insurers were advised to submit only Yearly Returns for 2013-14 by 31st January 2015 and submit all Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Returns for 2014-15 as per the deadline set in the IRDA (HI) Regulations 2013.
However, during the hands-on training session held at III Mumbai, software developers have informed us that all data has to be entered in sequence. As such, May 2014 data can be entered only when April 2014 data are already submitted. Similar sequence are followed in both Quarterly and Yearly data. Besides, as all insurers have already submitted soft-copy of the data for 2013-14 to the Authority, we advised all insurers to submit the Returns for 2013-14 from April 2013 onwards in the BAP HI Module.
Meanwhile, the Authority has received several feed-backs/comments from insurers in normal course & during the hands-on training regarding the templates/data formats based on their experience of data submission for FY 2013-14. Based on the comments received from various insurers, the Health Department has proposed certain changes in the HI Module which could be introduced in the HI Module with effect from FY 2014-15. As such, insurers were advised that, as there are shall be changes in HI Module with effect from 2014-15 onwards, they need not enter data for 2014-15 and there shall be a separate communication to the insurers in due course advising them to enter data for 2014-15 after the desired changes in the software has been affected. However, the desired changes in HI Module could not be completed by M/s L & T Infotech as on date due to various administrative reasons.
As such, we hereby advise all insurers to submit the data for 2014-15 in BAP HI Module as per the templates of 2013-14. We also hereby advise all insurers not to enter data for 2015-16 until a separate notice from the Authority in this regard.
Besides above, we request you to kindly arrange to submit a report on the current status of submission of HI Regulatory Returns in BAP HI Module. In case of any difficulty in filling up and submission of data, the insurers may contact M/s L & T Infotech through the following dedicated helpline for HI Module: 020-6641 6472. Insurers may also escalate the issues that remain unresolved through the helpline for a reasonable time to the following contacts:
Can be escalated to*
Contact number
Technical Issues
020-6641 6472
Concept related issues
This is for your kind information. We look forward to receive on time a status report on current status of submission of HI Regulatory Returns in BAP HI Module.
(Yegna Priya Bharath)
Joint Director (Health)
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