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Title: Repealing of Old circulars
Reference No.: IRDAI/HLT/CIR/MISC/131/6/2022
Date: 29/06/2022
Repealing of Old circulars

Ref No: IRDAI/HLT/CIR/MISC/131/6/2022

 29th June, 2022


 All Insurers (except ECGC, AIC)

 Re: Repealing of Old circulars

1.    On a comprehensive review of various circulars and guidelines governing health insurance business issued by the Authority, in light of the regulatory framework already in force, the circulars / guidelines attached to this circular as ‘Annexure – A’ stands repealed.

2.   This has the approval of the competent Authority.  


 डी.वी.एस. रमेश

मुख्य महाप्रबंधक (स्वास्थ्य)

Encl: Annexure –‘A’

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