What Motor Insurance to Buy - Policy Holder

What Motor Insurance to Buy

Types of Motor Insurance:

Broadly there are two types of insurances policies that offer motor insurance cover:

1. Liability Only Policy (Statutory requirement)

2. Package Policy (Liability Only Policy + Damage to owner’s Vehicle usually called O.D Cover

Remember that if you take only a Liability Only Policy, damage to your vehicle will not be covered. Hence, it would be prudent to take a Package Policy which would give a wider cover, including cover for your vehicle.

What Motor Insurance covers:

The damages to the vehicle due to the following perils  are usually covered under OD section of the Motor Insurance policy:

1. Fire, Explosion, Self- Ignition, Lightning

2. Burglary/Housebreaking / Theft

3. Riot & Strike

4. Earthquake

5. Flood, Storm, Cyclone, Hurricane, tempest, inundation, hailstorm, frost

6. Accidental external means

7. Malicious Act

8. Terrorism acts

9. While in Transit by Rail/ Road, Inland waterways, Lift, Elevator or Air

10. Land slide / Rock slide

What Motor Insurance excludes:

The following contingencies are usually excluded under the Motor Insurance Policy:

1.Not having  a valid Driving License

2. Under Influence of intoxicating liquor/ drugs

3. Accident taking place beyond Geographical limits

4. While Vehicle is used for unlawful purposes

5. Electrical/Mechanical Breakdowns.

Basis of Sum Insured:

For Own Damage:

The Sum Insured under a Motor Insurance policy reflects the value of the motor vehicle determined based on the concept known as Insured's Declared Value.  Insured's Declared Value is the value arrived at based on the Manufacturer's present value and depreciation based on the Age of the Vehicle.  

For Third Party:

Coverage is as per requirements of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 . Compulsory Personal accident cover for owner-driver is also included. Policy can also be extended to cover various other risks like Personal Accident to occupants of vehicle, Workmen's Compensation to Driver, etc over and above the cover available to him under statute