Life Insurance Council

Life Insurance Council

Life Insurance Council is a forum that connects the various stakeholders of the Life Insurance sector. It develops and coordinates all discussions between the Government, Regulatory Board and the Public.Constituted under Sec.64C of Insurance Act 1938, the Life nsurance Council functions through several sub-committees and includes all 24 life insurance companies in India.

Some of LI Council functions are

  • Creating a positive image of the industry and enhancing consumer confidence.
  • Maintaining high standards of ethics and governance.
  • Promoting awareness of the role and benefits of life insurance.
  • Organizing structured and proactive discussions with Government,lawmakers and regulators.
  • Conducting research in life insurance, publish monographs and contribute to development of the sector.
  • Acting as forum of interaction with other organizations of the financial services sector.
  • Playing a leading role in insurance education,research,training and conferences.
  • Providing help and guidance to members when necessary.
  • Be an active link between the Indian life insurance industry and the global markets.

Contact details 

Life Insurance Council
4 th Floor, Jeevan Seva Annexe Building
Santacruz (West)
Tel. No.: 022 – 26103303 / 05 /06
Fax No.: 022 - 26103304

E-mail: licouncil [at] lifeinscouncil [dot] org