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पॉलिसीधारक के लिए पुस्तिका 
Date Ref. No Title Short Description Download
06-01-2016 e-Vahan Bima Policyholder handbook Handbook on e-Vahan Bima (e-Motor Insurance Policies) [430.71KB]
02-01-2012 Health Insurance Policyholder handbook Health Insurance Handbook (English) [672.89KB]
02-01-2012 Property Insurance Policyholder Handbook Property Insurance Handbook (English) [844.81KB]
02-01-2012 Life Insurance Policyholder Handbook Life Insurance Handbook (English) [843.27KB]
02-01-2012 Travel Insurance Policyholder Handbook Travel Insurance Handbook (English) [588.4KB]
02-01-2012 Motor Insurance Policyholder handbook Motor Insurance Handbook (English) [715.11KB]
02-01-2012 Intermediaries Insurance Policyholder handbook Insurance Intermediaries Handbook (English) [593.61KB]
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